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In order to succeed, just go deaf!


This world is a beautiful place to live in, but at the same time we often are faced with hardships and issues that make us wonder if we are capable of handling them. In certain cases we are dragged down by people around us who make us feel that we are unable to do what we are planning. But if you really think about it, the only limit they are forcing upon your thoughts and goals is their own. A...

Giving up is a choice!


I was having a conversation with someone few days ago about giving up. He said that when a person gives up, it’s because they have tried everything and that’s the reason they have this kind of an attitude of someone who wouldn’t wish to push the limits further. I disagree to the extent that I feel, one can’t and shouldn’t give up when it’s something that other...

You can’t do this they said


I have often come across various individuals in the past few years of being in the online world. Some went to the extreme of telling me that I couldn’t do this or won’t be able to manage this or that. Luckily I managed all the things I was told I couldn’t manage and much more. That’s when something triggered in my mind and made me realize that one thing that I have kept...

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