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You can’t do this they said

You can’t do this they said

I have often come across various individuals in the past few years of being in the online world. Some went to the extreme of telling me that I couldn’t do this or won’t be able to manage this or that. Luckily I managed all the things I was told I couldn’t manage and much more. That’s when something triggered in my mind and made me realize that one thing that I have kept close to my heart since then. And that is..

“When someone says that I can’t do something, it’s actually their own limitation they are referring to, not mine”

Now imagine how much of a change in the mindset that would bring, how would one deal with challenges then if we didn’t bind ourselves to what others have limited for their own self?

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Either it’s about your studies or skills, the above formula fits all. But remember, constructive criticism is a great thing. So if someone is telling you to improve something, then work on that too, be realistic and don’t just bite someone’s head off because you feel it’s own limit 🙂

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