Decades of genocide and it’s still not enough!


It’s been almost three months since the October 7th operation, and Israel tried to turn everything around with their false propaganda, as they always do. The whole story of the 40 beheaded babies and the so-called raped women they claimed were horrific actions by Hamas. Even after a few days, the stories were debunked, and no one with a sane mind would believe them. The propaganda was as weak as every other story Israel came up with. All they needed was a reason to massacre and get rid of the Palestinians from the biggest open prison in the world, a place where Israel had all control for decades, yet they claim they had no idea of the “attacks” taking place on October 7th, 2023. How cute!


I have been involved in various charity campaigns for Gaza and Palestine as a whole in the past decades, but this time, the efforts were intensified, and even more people joined to help out the Palestinians. The amount of support Palestine has received in the past few months was all due to the crimes Israel is committing by killing innocent babies and individuals who were wiped off the face of the earth just because they were Palestinians.


Israel’s intentions are no longer concealed; they openly proclaim their objective to eliminate the Palestinian presence. Their repeated declarations leave no room for doubt. When examining their stance on the two-state solution, I personally find it deeply problematic. I firmly believe that coexisting with Zionist Israelis as neighbors is an exceedingly challenging prospect for any reasonable person.

The concept of a two-state solution, in theory, aims to create separate states for Israelis and Palestinians, allowing them to exist side by side in peace. However, this idealistic notion becomes severely compromised when considering the deep-rooted ideological and political divisions that have persisted for decades.


In Gaza, at least 21,320 people have been killed, and 55,603 injured in Israeli attacks from October 7th, 2023, till December 30th, 2023. The death toll from Hamas’s attack on Israel stands at 1,139, which keeps having lower and lower numbers as days pass by due to more evidence coming forward as to the Apache attacks by IOF themselves on the festival attendees.


In my honest opinion, after watching many videos from the Israeli side and seeing how they strongly dislike Palestinians, it’s hard for me to imagine any other solution than for the Zionists to go back to where they originally came from.

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