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The Unheard Voices of Men

The Unheard Voices of Men

Today, I had the chance to speak with a brother who was going through a tough time in life due to the lack of understanding from his wife, with whom he has two kids.

He shared his experience and sought some advice. All I could sense was an extremely stressful situation where he was mentally drained.

Then I asked him a question:

“If your partner had uplifted you and shown her belief and trust in your abilities, would you be in a better state?”

The answer was something I expected:

“I definitely would. I could have moved mountains, but now when I see that she sees me at the lowest point in life due to my financial situation, which is out of my hands, and I am still trying to work wherever I can, and then she uses it against me. I lost my job a few months back. This makes me extremely sad, and since we have children, I feel as if she is presenting me as a failure in front of them rather than the hero who’s working odd jobs to make ends meet. If only she understood the pain I am going through. And now she wants a divorce just because she thinks I can’t support the family, although the past few months I have done everything in my power to support them, being hungry myself so they could receive the little I get from the jobs I do.”

I could sense the pain in his voice.

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The way he spoke, I am sure he would have burst into tears if I had given him a hug. Often, men don’t speak out. And that’s the biggest tragedy that has befallen us. Whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, or any color, men usually don’t share their emotions until those emotions end up taking their lives due to heart attacks or other illnesses.

My advice or request, you could say, to women who are married to men going through a rough patch in life: Please, sisters, support them, as you are the only ones on this earth that they want to hear words of encouragement from. If you, for once, say, “You are amazing, and you being at a low point in life doesn’t mean that I care less for you. You will bounce back and be stronger than ever.”

I guarantee you that the moment you say it, his worries, no matter how many he has in his mind, will vanish! A man who has to take care of his family has a million issues to deal with that he doesn’t share with you.

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