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Interested in politics?

Interested in politics?

I recall the big war against Iraq where the “weapons of mass destruction” and giving “liberty” to the people of Iraq ended up in millions being affected and a country that is left in ruins.

I also recall a few other wars where the biggest winner is always among others, the weapons industry. All the so-called negotiators and world leaders that fly all over the place “worrying” about how the peace of this world is being affected unless they take action and unless everyone has loaded itself up to the neck with weapons.

There is this study that’s called geopolitics. It’s basically a study of geographical factors in world politics and inter-state relations called Geopolitics. I feel that unless you are buried 6 feet under the earth, it’s always a good thing to know what’s happening around you. Do yourself a favor, show a bit of interest in that. Not much, but a little bit so you know what’s happening around you.

How much time should you set aside to stay updated?

There is no such time duration in my view that will decide if you have become aware of what’s happening around you. When the place or country you are living in is being affected by the narratives and decisions of a few people above you, then it’s time to stay awake. Stay alert and be part of the system.

Do I need to join politics to show that I am interested?

Well it depends. Do you really have a mission that’s bigger than yourself? Is the cause that’s affecting you so important for you that nothing will be done unless you are part of the solution? Do you have what it takes to lead people or are you ok enough to be part of the force? It’s your decision to make.

Will picking a specific political cause make people dislike me?

Either your vision or mission is not clear enough or you are someone who cares more of what people will think. Especially people who have absolutely no say in the choices you have to make in your life or people who have a different belief system or mindset. You really need to go deep into yourself and note down the reasons you want to follow a political mindset. Remember, don’t be too rigid as that would put you in a point of no return.

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How political am I?

Via my podcasts in Norwegian, and Urdu I tend to say what’s in my mind. I have my say via my blog and via conversations that I have with different people that are in the “field”. I have formed an opinion based on a certain political party and the way they have performed here in Norway. I also have a mindset about the political parties in Pakistan since I have lived in both countries including England a few years back.

I will never say that there is nothing that will change my mind, ofcourse there is. But what I can’t support is corruption and looting of the public resources. If the decisions of a party are affecting the surroundings I am in, I will speak and I will do what’s in my power by using my platforms to share with likeminded individuals the plusses and minuses of a certain action.

Remember, your voice and your views can give someone else the strength they need in being the leader that’s hidden somewhere deep within them. Who knows, that your classmate that was so quiet in class ends up being a decision maker later in life due to the thoughts and concerns you shared with him/her?

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