The Palestinian struggle is a test for you and me

I recall when the whole thing started. According to the Zionist-friendly media, it was October 7th, 2023, but the majority of us know that it all began in 1948. It has been a battle between the innocent people of Palestine and the evil-minded Zionists, who have always had one goal in mind: to take over as much land as possible to pursue their plans.

In the past few months since October 2023, a massive majority of those who have been martyred have been women and children. Just imagining the first few weeks of this massacre makes me wonder what went wrong and how the countries all over the world let down Palestine in such a way.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, turned their faces away and let Zionist Israel do their thing in the name of so-called self-defense. They know very well that occupiers have no right to self-defense. You cannot corner a people and jail them for their entire lives just to “defend” yourself while ridiculing them day and night.

So whose fault is this whole thing?

No matter how we look at it, the ones to blame for this tragedy are you and me. We are not doing anything apart from going out and screaming our lungs out to the politicians who have their interests in this so-called “war” — when we know that this is not the right word to call this tragedy.

You and I are to blame for not doing more than we are doing. I personally feel that the only thing that could have helped in this case was a proper coalition against Israel where they were totally wiped clean of their military points. Who in their right mind, without any evil intentions, can say that Israel has the right to exist when they are eliminating a whole people who have lived there for generations?

If this whole “We lived here before…” point is to be entertained, then I guess someone somewhere has lived at the place where we are all living and should come back and claim it as their home, while killing us all.

That’s not how civilized people function, but then again, there is nothing civilized about a people who kill little babies. I just saw a few pictures where nurses and doctors from a hospital were handcuffed and then they were killed. Their bodies were recovered, and it showed that it was nothing other than genocide.

So what’s the solution?

A total boycott of everyone who is directly involved in this whole thing. Everyone and anyone who is earning and making a living from this tragedy should be named and shamed. Any country that’s taking the side of Israel should be remembered, and any sane individual who has children of their own, or a heart that beats for humanity, should remember those countries and so-called leaders who should never ever be elected in office again.

Imagine, this pathetic excuse of a bunch of people, despite killing thousands and thousands, are still shamelessly promoting their products, services, and so-called country as if they themselves are the victims.

If you feel a boycott helps, then boycott. If you feel that by not using a service helps, then do just that. Whatever is in your power is what you will be asked about on that day. On the day when we all stand in front of the Almighty being asked about our actions and if we even did anything to help those in need, or did we keep on putting the blame on the pathetic leaders who are only worried about their own interests.

At the end of the day, the Palestinian struggle is not a test for the Palestinians, it’s a test for you and me.

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