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When you know that you are not doing enough!

When you know that you are not doing enough!

After watching this picture and many others like this, I was thinking.. what has happened to us. How can we as human beings, or as fathers, see this and not do something more than just going out and shouting in front of the Isreali embassy. This is not an issue that Israel is thinking of resolving. This requires something more than just shouting and screaming now.
Just imagine…. if this is your child.. I am thinking what I would do if it was mine… would I go crazy, yes I would. But would I do something more than just being crazy? Yes ofcourse I would do a lot more than just being crazy. But then again, aren’t the parents of these children, the fathers of these kids also having the same thoughts ,and still they are captured, killed or jailed?
What makes me think I can do anything more than them who have been humiliated each and every moment of their life. What makes me think that a child that has grown up by being stopped at every single check point, that when he’s grownup and has kids will not have an urge to take revenge.. I know I would have. I know I would have, I am sure some of you would have had the same thoughts as well.
I see this whole thing day in day out, and think about the campaigns I run to help the needy in those war zones, and the more I talk to them, the more I feel that I am not doing enough. We are not doing enough. Why are we quite? Wouldn’t you want someone to stand up for you if your child one day ends up on the newspaper with his hands on a water pipe and fear in his heart?
Can you even imagine the fear in the heart of this child, can you? Because I don’t think I am going to lie anymore, because I can’t imagine it. Because it’s not my child, at least that’s why I am not doing more than just collecting funds.. What more can I do? What more can you do?
I think the least we can do is keep this issue alive, until the chains around the Palestinians are loose. Forget about the authorities in Saudi, or UAE. Forget about every other country, you and I will be asked about what did WE do. I want to have an answer ready… an answer I don’t have at the moment.
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