How not to allow anyone to bring you down!

Today I want to talk about a certain type of mindset that makes an individual not be mindful about their own life but instead a worrying type of creature that always is thinking what others have to say about them. Remember one thing, the only person that needs to acknowledge anything related to you and concerning you, should be you! no one else. No boss, no noone. Because what happens when we allow others to “judge” us, is that we are never going to be good enough, and in reality you already are good enough because you are unique and no one is like you.

So let’s make a plan. From today onwards, you will not be talking about those individuals who make you feel bad, you will not talk to others about people who tend to push you into a negative state of mind, and you will definitely take out time for yourself. Start meditating, start taking out your energy on other things but give yourself some “ME” time, if you are religious, then pray and ask for patience and be grateful for all the things you have that others can only dream of.

Make a routine in your life, and follow it. Talk to positive people, and cut off or back off from negative people who have nothing to add to your life.

Remember, your time on this earth is not going to repeat itself, this very moment will never come back. Everything you have planned to do, has to be done by you and no one else. If others are not so happy about your ideas, then let them be. Your ideas are yours for a reason.

Stay positive, and humble, but always give your best

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