When you forgive others, you are doing yourself a favour

There are often times you will come across a situation where someone has wronged you. We as humanbeings tend to be extremely rough towards anyone who has said or done something that we personally don’t like, or that hurts our ego.

To go out of the way to do ourselves a favor, the most amazing and the hardest thing we can ever do is to forgive them, knowing that we ourselves might have hurt people that have never told us about their feelings towards us. I personally feel that when you involve your emotions and ego in a situation where you have felt hurt, you will always find a way to make yourself realize that you are in the right, and the other person is wrong.

But the only way you can move forward, is when you start realizing that there are two types of people in this world, those that agree with you and those that don’t. There might be a third type, who doesn’t bother to join any of the groups, but let’s there are two types of people.

So if you have come across someone who has “messed” your mind up in a way that you feel that you have been wronged in some way, then ask yourself if that situation was the only time they did what they did, or that’s how they are with everyone? If your experience with that person is the same experience others have with him/her, then this forgiving “thing”, should definitely not be an issue. Because this clearly means that the other person has an issue of controling their tongue and emotions with everyone, and not just you. So that means, it never was personal.

And if the other person is like that just with you, and you personally KNOW that you were very accomodating and did your best to not let them be in a certain manner with you, then that should also be a reason to forgive and move on.

So either way, if the person is difficult with others or just with you, forgiving them will only allow you to breathe properly, and use that part of the brain on something more constructive. Like giving yourself time, without spending even a second with grudges towards someone who doesn’t deserve a single second of your precious time.

So put the shame aside, forgive them, and set yourself free. And no one said you have to keep having contact with them, not at all. Forgiving others doesn’t mean a lifetime commitment of having to do with people who can blow up anytime, anywhere.

Move aside.

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