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Window of opportunity

Window of opportunity

We are often faced with challenges that make us wonder if we will ever come out of them “alive”.But the amazing thing is that we always do. Challenges make us stronger, make us realize that we are human beings that are capable of lots of things, including finding solutions to issues that otherwise can never be solved.

Dealing with challenges becomes easy when you start accepting the fact that everything has a solution, everything! And what doesn’t have a solution is something you probably can’t do anything about, so no worry there.

There are always ways to deal with situation and how I do it is very simple indeed, I realize if the situation is in my own hands or someone else is controlling it, then I find a way to see if I can do something to “change” the situation so “everyone is happy”, when I realize that everyone can NEVER be happy, then I try to find a way to see “majority” of the people are unaffected in some way. Then I take action.

I try to be calm and very “nice” to everyone who I interact with, this can sometimes bring out the best in people, and in other occasions it brings out the worst in them towards the “nice guy”. I usually don’t care that much about such people who have negative energy, and keep on moving ahead.

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My moto is and has always been : When God closes the door, he always leaves a window open. So what I do is, I look for the window.. come on, try it yourself. if you are in a situation you THINK you can’t get out of, LOOK for the window! It HAS to be there somewhere 🙂

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