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When time stands still

When time stands still

I recall the time when the doctors told me two years back that your mum has only a few weeks left to survive due to the cancer. I couldn’t imagine a single moment without her and this doctor is telling me she will be no more? That the time she has on this earth is almost up? Who is he to tell me that and how can he be so sure that I don’t die before her?

Well, the news that mum had cancer wasn’t a pleasant one. Being so close to her since childhood, and living with her when dad was in Norway for 10 years straight I saw the strength and the words of wisdom I got from her can never be matched by anyone in my entire life. What I am today is because of her prayers for me, and the moment we lowered her body in the graveyard was the toughest day of my life.

Cancer separates lots of people from their family members every single day, and sadly it usually is because of no regular health checkups. I did a radio program with a doctor in Norway few weeks back, and he also meant that people usually go through checkups when things have gone beyond their control. Please if you really want to show your love towards your family members, do them a favor and get a total health checkup. You have no idea what you not being there will do to their lives.I can’t control my tears when I think about my mum and driving near the graveyard she is sleeping in there has hardly been a time that her love doesn’t attract me to go and sit next to her grave and pray for her. Since I am Muslim, we believe that when parents pass away the children in this world doing good deeds will benefit their parents, so this keeps me in check-n-balance, as I try to be at my best.. I can’t repay her for the millions of times she woke up for me when I was a baby, but at least i can tell her that I still love her and she’s my angel.

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