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Mothers are a gift from up above

Mothers are a gift from up above

Someone on my radio program mentioned that i should talk about mother’s day and how lovely it is. Yes, it is, but is it really something that we should only focus on for one day? What does a mother do for us we can never ever imagine, unless those of you who are women and mothers.

A mother is that individual who gives us place inside her body for the first 9 months, she makes it possible that we get our food on time and are kept clean. When we are not able to move, she makes everything nice and cozy for us. When we cry she has tears in her eyes, and our smiles make her happy.

I am aware that in the west not so many are lucky to have the same kind of love and respect for majority of us from the Asian countries. Maybe that’s the way culture has developed but I am sad to see lots of my own people who disrespect their mothers. I mean, how is it possible that you are telling your mother to “mind her business” when every business in the world you are having is due to her making sure you could stand on your feet. If she had treated you the way you treat her, maybe you wouldn’t be alive today.

This tiny message is for those who feel that they are the king/queen of the world because they are doing well at work or financially are stable enough to manage everything. Respect your elders, especially your mothers, because those of us who don’t have a mother any more in the world to pray for us really know the value of their smile, their hug and their heartiest prayers.

Don’t just use Mother’s Day as an excuse to finally meet your mum and give her something, there is no guarantee to life, so how are you sure that you will even have a mum before the next mother’s day? Ring her up, meet her, tell her how much you care.

I read this out to mum when she had cancer, the tears around the corner of her eyes kind of answered back to every word I said.. as if they are saying “That’s all a mother wants, some loving words from the one she brought to this world”

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So please, make every day “Mother’s Day” 🙂 No one else is more worthy of your love than her!


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