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Life without a mother

Life without a mother

Dear Mum,

It’s been two years since you passed away. Still seems strange that my entire universe is not in this world anymore. The first ten years of my life I cherish beyond anything. Those years were truly the years that taught me the true meaning of patience and giving without expecting anything. All mothers care for their children, but mothers like you who give up their whole life, and desire just for their one child, I have still not come across such individuals.

For me you were my first teacher, my first love, my life and my everything. The one being within whom my heart started beating, and where my body received its soul. No wonder the attachment that I had with you was totally unexplainable. I remember the times when I used to be late from work and would call to let you know where I was. If I didn’t call, you would call me to ask where I was and when I would be home to eat…so much care, only a mother can show and really mean. I remember the times when little sis would call you in the morning to tell you that she is on the schoolbuss, then she would call you after few minutes telling you she is off the buss. Despite being ill you would be smiling on the phone, yes, mothers are special, and you were and still are special for me.

I wish you had seen your cute little grandson. He is so lovely and so innocent. I am sure you would have said “He’s just like how you were Wakas”, you have no idea how much I wish I heard those words from you mum. Can you say that sometime in a dream maybe? Hmm

Since in our religion, Islam, the good deeds a son or daughter does are credited to their parents, when they are no more. I will make sure I do as many good deeds to fill your account to the max. You made me what I am today, and I can’t ever repay your one second of waking up for me, even if I was sent on this earth a million times.

Thank you, for giving me the chance to be your son.

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