Mothers are a gift from up above


Someone on my radio program mentioned that i should talk about mother’s day and how lovely it is. Yes, it is, but is it really something that we should only focus on for one day? What does a mother do for us we can never ever imagine, unless those of you who are women and mothers. A mother is that individual who gives us place inside her body for the first 9 months, she makes it possible...

Life without a mother


Dear Mum, It’s been two years since you passed away. Still seems strange that my entire universe is not in this world anymore. The first ten years of my life I cherish beyond anything. Those years were truly the years that taught me the true meaning of patience and giving without expecting anything. All mothers care for their children, but mothers like you who give up their whole life, and...

The one who always kept awake


Was just missing mum and thought of writing something for her and all those that really value the beautiful relationship of a mother and her children. The one who always kept awake The one who always kept awake when the whole world calmly slept The one who cried along with me When my inner child had wept The one who gave me courage when The world would let me down The one who prayed to All-mighty...

My mother.. my angel


Dear Mum, It’s been exactly 1 year since you went back to your creator because of cancer. I  remember still like it was yesterday when the doctor said that you don’t have more days left and when I came and told you about it I started with saying “You do believe Allah na ammi, that whatever happens it happens for a reason and of course no one can decide when the time is up apart...

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