Navigating the Journey from Negativity

Sometimes you will come across an individual and wonder what in the world happened to them in their past that they are so negative. And then you start talking with them only to realize that their past years of life have been full of traumas and tragedies. They have never been able to get on their feet, before someone would knock them down again and off their course towards their goal.

I believe that the first stage where the person starts breeding negativity in their mind is in their childhood, from their parents and via their surroundings. That’s usually the reason why most individuals turn out to be less positive and more of a negative type.

But how can we make sure that we reverse this whole mindset? Is that easy? Or is it carved in stone that once you are negative you will never be a positive individual ever again?

It’s all about practice and who you “hang around with”. You need to change your circle of friends and “go out” in a network that has individuals who speak good or remain silent. That’s a bit hard to find but definitely not impossible at all.

You can try to find such individuals in your school, college, uni, prayer places, workplaces and anywhere where you meet the same people on a regular basis. And remember, when you find such individuals or just one person, hang on to them. Their energy will rub off on you in no time. In such a state where you only see negativity, you will definitely find peace when you start seeing the world through a different lens. Not everyone is bad, and not every single individual in this world is out there to get you.

To find good and positive people, become one first!

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