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When you have only one day left..

When you have only one day left..

The thought is absolutely horrible isn’t it. Imagining what goes through the mind of people who are told about such a thing when they are ill, or let alone not even knowing about it and enjoying the day as if one is never going to go beneath the earth, and after a few hours all concerns, worries, promises, thoughts, ideas, dreams are gone. All relatives gather and either remember you for the goodness you have spread or the bad things you have been a part of.

How do you want to be remembered? Do you feel that you don’t owe others the respect or time they deserve? Do you realize the kind of damage your speech is doing to someone when you hurt their feelings with remarks that you wouldn’t want to be directed to you?

When will it change? Isn’t it just astonishing that we always talk about the “truth will set you free” but never realize that the biggest truth in our life is something that will happen us all, and that truth is death! A point of no return. Imagine that there are around 7 billion people in this world at the moment, and almost none of them will be alive after 100 years, including you and I. We are being replaced, and we will be replaced no matter what we do.

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So why not promise yourself this very moment, that from now onwards everything I say or do will be to make sure that no one is hurt by my words or actions, who knows the very action or talk is your last one.

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