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If you only have 3 days to live…

If you only have 3 days to live…

This could probably be one of those eye-opener posts if you really want to think about it.

God forbid.. if you found out that you only had 3 days left due to some illness or something that might happen. What would be the 5 things you would do in order to make yourself feel peaceful when the time really comes and knocks on your door. hmm

If I would manage to get that much courage to go through something like this I would do the following..

  • Meet personally all those people who I didn’t get a chance to meet for ages and say sorry to them for not being able to give them the time they deserved
  • Say sorry to my dad for the little tiny ups and downs I had with him when I was a bit younger.. and tell him how much I value that he is my dad and what he has done for me. And tell my mum how much I love her.
  • Tell my brothers that whatever I have done for them since their birth till now, always had one intention behind it. That they would be successful and be proud that their older brother cares so much that he would loose his sleep just so they could be safely tucked in their bed.
  • Sign papers that after my death all my organs that can be reused for someone else be taken out.
  • Distribute all the money that I might have at that point to charity.

And when looking over the list above hmm surprisingly enough isn’t it true that most of the things we can do when we are given so less time to live, we can do right NOW!! hmm Amazing how we tend to pinch ourselves when something like this comes up.

So my dear friends.. you tell us what are the five things you would do? And when you are done with the list please join me and do atleast two of the things today 🙂

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