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Being jobless doesn’t need to be a sad experience

Being jobless doesn’t need to be a sad experience

I been in the current role as a Designer / Project Manager for a year now. I have always managed to glue myself to some company and never been out of work for more than 2 months or so. Mainly because I learnt one thing in life and that is that “No work is bad, EVER”

I have come across people who would rather sit and go fat than to look for something and on the other hand some complain “noo I got a fancy degree and I can NOT work at a grocery store”.. Well my dear friend “Why can’t you?”

I have a background that thanks to God has given me lots to be thankful for.  I have worked as the sole designer for amazing companies in London who’s names are known worldwide and on the other hand from a top glasswalled office to coming back to Norway and working at a 7-Eleven type of franchise for a year I didn’t feel bad at all. Actually I learnt so much from those experiences that I have absolutely no worry whenever I finish my contract with a company.

What would I feel saying bye bye to the current role? I would feeling just like I did as I got this job.. excited as ever! Looking forward to new challenges and more fun interviews. Because one thing I am very confident in and that is, once I get into an interview.. 9 out of 10 times I do get the job. Thanks to the dozens of company names i have on my CV, and the 10 out of 10 marks on reviews from my colleagues I worked with on over two hundred projects. I guess it does count for something.. all with the grace of God n duas of my well wishers and mostly my mum.

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So a few tips for all my dear reader friends.

  • Stay positive as there is always something waiting for you
  • What you applied to if you don’t get, don’t be sad it wasn’t meant for you
  • When you search jobs, send your CV to places that fall perfect to your skills
  • Ask yourself what you want from life. Want to work to live or live to work..
  • Do what you LOVE to do and when you do get that job, you won’t notice any change!
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