In order to succeed, just go deaf!


This world is a beautiful place to live in, but at the same time we often are faced with hardships and issues that make us wonder if we are capable of handling them. In certain cases we are dragged down by people around us who make us feel that we are unable to do what we are planning. But if you really think about it, the only limit they are forcing upon your thoughts and goals is their own. A...

How to get someone to stop being negative


If you realized how important it is to meet the right people in your life, you will never waste your time with the “wrong” ones. Who are wrong people actually? I believe it’s those people who don’t talk about anything but negativity, it’s those who go on and on about how life sucks, and they haven’t gotten any chance from life to move ahead. Actually, negative...

The glass is always half full


Out of the billions that exist in this world obviously there would be different people with different mindsets about things that happen in their life. I want to just point to the most famous saying when it comes to telling someone to look at the bright side of life.. “The glass is half full or half empty”.. meaning in a way that either you look at the half full and feel the positivity...

O in ZERO or O in Opportunity


The human mind is very powerful, yet very weak at times.  Where on one side the human race has reached the moon, some people aren’t capable of even crossing the road due to their laziness. So what is it that makes us look at the letter O and see it as the first letter in Opportunity rather than seeing it as the last letter in the word ZERO? I would say, it’s the kind of push you give...

5 Steps to staying positive


Staying positive is a skill that can be developed and below are five steps to staying positive (ofcourse there can be more) Take a deep breath when a situation tries to detrack you Ignore any negative message sent your way, just grab the constructive part of it Talk to a friend who has a positive mindset Accept that making mistakes is a natural thing that everyone does Don't HATE people, you...

Why should you always be optimistic!


There are a trillion reasons why one should always be optimistic. Well some people might be saying “Come on one can’t always be optimistic” … “Why not?”, I say. What is stopping us from being optimistic? Is it because the feeling one gets after being optimistic is far better than being negative and totally long faced? Well yes that’s the thing. We humans...

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