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Why should you always be optimistic!

Why should you always be optimistic!

There are a trillion reasons why one should always be optimistic. Well some people might be saying “Come on one can’t always be optimistic” … “Why not?”, I say. What is stopping us from being optimistic? Is it because the feeling one gets after being optimistic is far better than being negative and totally long faced? Well yes that’s the thing.

We humans have forgotten the art of being positive and being optimistic even in those phases of our lives in which if someone else was in we would have adviced them and said “Hey chill Man stay optimistic” but when it’s our turn 🙂 “We” forget it completely

When you are optimistic you will find a hundred people who will make you feel as if you are an alien from another planet for being too “unreal”. Let them think that, since we are talking about your feelings, not theirs. It’s YOU who has to feel right about a situation in life, not them.

If you really feel you have to be in this world to make other’s happy by changing yourself for THEM, then you probable ARE an alien 🙂 Get off the UFO and enter the REAL world of beautiful feelings and emotions. A place where even when you are going through the toughest of medical conditions, you have a smile on your face and are optimistic..

Saying to yourself “It will be alright, I will be ok”. Saying this will unknowingly give you so much power. Now if you say in an ill state of mind something like “Nothing will be alright, and I will NEVER be ok”. At that point and beyond NOTHING will be ok because you already stopped all paths from deep within yourself ..

Unleash the power and be optimistic NO MATTER WHAT. And yes call me nuts, but stay optimistic EVEN when things are totally looking silly and impossible. Because first of all, we see what we WANT to see and nothing is impossible 🙂

Do share your views about being optimistic..

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