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Being rude when wanting good service

Being rude when wanting good service

I see lots of people who tend to be oversmart when they are out shopping. I mean in the sense of talking rudely to the guy or girl who is sitting on the other end serving them with things the person is thinking of buying. It’s ok to be smart but when people start being rude that’s when things go bad.

No one likes to be spoken to in a way that makes them feel as if they are someone else’s servants. Everyone deserves the respect no matter if they are selling a million dollar product or a 1 dollar soap at a shop.

Try to start using the magic words if you don’t use them a lot right now, thank you and please just do the trick. Starting with an excuse me, and ending with a thank you for your time might make someone’s day so beautiful.

I started doing that since ages now, whenever I call anywhere I have to place a complaint. I talk as if I am their best buddy. Starting with a

“Hi Good Morning, My name is Wakas Mir and I am calling in regards to a mail I got. Could you kindly help me with that please :)”

10 out of 10 times this nails the other person into knowing that I respect them and I respect the issue at hand. Making it easier for them to deal with me. Just keep in mind that when you are calling someone you never spoke to before, all they know about you is the issue they have logged in on their computer.

If it’s a late bill or something, you might be sitting in a tight spot IF you are rude. Since either it’s a trainee on the other end or someone who already had a bad day, they can make it a hell for ya 🙂 So smile and be nice and considerate, they ONLY want to know if you can make them feel so good that they help you all the way.

Do you feel most of us have gone a bit out of line when dealing with customer service peeps 🙂

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