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People don’t forget how you made them feel

People don’t forget how you made them feel

In life, we come across various types of people. Some nice, some not so nice. Some that make you feel on top of the world, while others that make you feel worthless and good-for-nothing. The thing is that most of the times it’s not what they said, but how they said the things. Most of the times, it’s the chain of words connected together with a hint of degrading comments that made you never forget that one incident.

I recall, during my past two decades of working in different places, those few incidents which made me feel on top of the world, and those incidents that made me feel miserable. The good incidents are always good to remember, but seriously, the bad ones make you really want to go deep down in your brain and cut the wires out so you don’t recall them. Your mind goes back in that time, and you feel icky!

Now let’s turn the tables.

If someone else’s way of talking to you made you remember then in a good or bad way, how have your words made someone else feel? Have you made sure from your end that you don’t make someone else feel bad? Asked for forgiveness for your own behaviors? What about changing the tone of voice when talking to your loved ones or those that work for you?

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I remember a friend who passed away few years ago. I met him just a few times but the kind of respect and love he showed me when he used to introduce me with his friends was just amazing. I recall him now and have tears in my eyes, just because of the way he made me feel. Isn’t it sad that when we have the formula to be making our way into people’s hearts, we ourselves forget it when we are rude towards others?

Let’s change that. Let’s try to watch our words next time we are about to say something. Maybe that very moment is that moment that makes an impact.

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