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O in ZERO or O in Opportunity

O in ZERO or O in Opportunity

The human mind is very powerful, yet very weak at times.  Where on one side the human race has reached the moon, some people aren’t capable of even crossing the road due to their laziness.

So what is it that makes us look at the letter O and see it as the first letter in Opportunity rather than seeing it as the last letter in the word ZERO?

I would say, it’s the kind of push you give yourself, it’s the goal you have set in life.

If you are someone who says “Why me” instead of  “Try me” when you are hit with a test from up above, then you will find the O part of the word zero instead. But remember, if you keep failing at something, it’s probably not the right formula, it’s just that you are doing the same thing to get the same result.

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Try a different approach, and see how you see opportunity on each door you knock 🙂

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