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2 Tips for a better day

2 Tips for a better day

Some people blame their whole day going bad on the weather, some blame it on people around them who might have affected their mood in some way.

Either way, neither of those should or can make or break our day. But there are some very simple things we can keep in mind.

Tip 1

Start your day with a smile on your face, you won’t imagine how great you would feel. The moment you open your eyes, just smile and thank God for the “life” after this few hours of “passing away”. After all that’s what it was. You are given another chance to make the best out of this new day. So go ahead and LIVE it!

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Tip 2

Forget the grudges you have for anyone who wronged you the day before. Because neither of you will benefit from the whole process of you feeling like someone who just has to get back at them for what they did. Move on, and remember what they did is their character, and how you handle it, is yours!

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