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Tips on carrying a conversation

Tips on carrying a conversation

Being in the world of radio for over a decade now and having interviewed celebrities and regular people I feel there is still lots to learn, as each conversation is different.

Why is a good conversation important?
Since our day to day behavior revolves around communication, it’s very important that we use our words wisely. If we are talking just for the sake of talking, without any result then it’s probably best to stay quiet. A good conversation has a beginning and an ending. And to have a good ending, the start has to be good and well defined.

I can carry out a conversation with unknown people I meet on the road and make them feel comfortable while doing so. It depends on the way you carry yourself and the way you talk. Having a friendly tone is very important and level of respect while talking with someone is the most important thing.

Would YOU like to talk to yourself?
So what do you say? Are you someone who can talk and make a conversation exciting? Are you someone who feels that when you talk the other person goes to sleep? Don’t worry about that, just be yourself. And remember, no one is boring, it’s just the subject matter that can be boring. A person is not boring because of the way they talk, but what they talk about.

How can you improve your conversations?
I am a strong advocate of information, I check up news, I watch information packed tv programs and it’s highly unlikely that I don’t have anything to talk about when I am meeting new people, there is always something that can be spoken about. If a person I am meeting is interested in a specific sport or tv show, I can spin a chat around that, without sounding like a fool.

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Remember, as I said before, it’s not the person who is boring.. the subject matter might be. And most important thing is that you need to also focus on the way you talk, if are talking about a shocking experience, then bring that up in your tone, if you are talking about a prize you won then talk like a winner.


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