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How to be your own best friend?

How to be your own best friend?

Is it normal when someone says “I am my own best friend?”

The thing is that some people say that to love someone else you need to be capable of loving yourself first. That doesn’t mean loving yourself on the levels of “self-praising” and not seeing anyone else on the same level as you, not at all.

What that means is, respecting yourself as a human being and loving the way you are created. Cherish the blessings you are blessed with and respect the things you can do without being negative. It’s about loving yourself in the purest form possible. In a down-to-earth way.

When you have managed to respect and “love” yourself to that level, only then you will be able to manage a good relationship with others. Being your best friend is only possible when you at least see yourself as a good “friend”. Lots of people often confuse this with being totally alone in their room and leaving everyone on the border of their life, not meeting anyone “ever”.

Spend time on yourself
It’s important to spend time on yourself. Read positive books, focus on qualities in you that you want to polish and see if there is something lacking.

Remember, your friends are a reflection of you. If you are hanging around with a bad crowd, what does that tell others about you?

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Be your best friend in the sense that you don’t hide things from yourself. Lots of times we know something isn’ t right but we “hide” it from ourselves and think it will pass. But honesty with ourselves comes first, rest will fall in place 🙂


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