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5 tips on dealing with rude people

5 tips on dealing with rude people

Rude people are everywhere, no matter what we do or say they will always be here in this world, side by side. But how can we keep our cool and not get so affected by them? Below are some things I do to deal with such people.

  1. You yell at me, I change my tone
    If a person yells at me for any reason whatsoever, I have kind of managed a way to not return the “call”. I respond back in a totally different vocal tone. This makes the other person realize that they won’t control my anger in anyway, they keep yelling trying to get the same reaction from me, and I tone down to the extreme level
  2. You stare at me, you are not getting anything back!
    I have a little brother who says if someone stares at me, I stare back in a way that the other person gets scared. I was like, why do you even bother doing that. It’s not a sport where you show the other person who can push his eyeballs the most out of his eye sockets. If someone is staring at you very “badly” or rudely, just return the favor by looking in a way that you are trying to remember who they are. Just act it out, and say “Hey.. john???” or something like that, it will un-freeze the tension for sure. And will save you a few brain cells you will use on finding ways to make him mad in return. No need!
  3. You want to fight? Go find someone else!
    This happened a few times in the past, I stopped a few fights that would have been quite “bloody”, between a few guys who were almost ready to smash someone up. How it works is simple, be authoritative and show that you are not interested in the fight. Fight only occurs when both parties are in it for some action, if one shows no interest and is talking nicey nicey, the other person usually has no reason whatsoever to show his “hulk-like” attitude to you. Remember, it takes two to tango!
  4. You push my buttons, I take out the battery
    I have in the past had a very bad temper, maybe still do, but it’s controlled somehow. If someone would do something that I told them not to do, BANG I would go nuts. Now it’s opposite, if someone doesn’t do it, I am like.. I can’t control anyone, simple. So why should I raise my blood pressure and become ill because of someone else.. I would NOT allow anyone to push my buttons, in other words, I take out the battery out of “their” control. So they keep pushing it, and I don’t react.
  5. Smile and remember, it’s not the end of the world
    That’s the tip you need to always remember. It’s just not the end of the world if someone is rude, they are just like that. Just don’t become like them to get back at them since if you do, there is definitely nothing of a difference between both of you. Relax, there are far more important things than someone who is making you “suffer” like this.


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