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How to boost your immune system

How to boost your immune system

I have been around natural food products since the past few years and have come to realize that the majority of the products out there have a potential that most people are not familiar with.

For example, did you know that Blackseed is one of the most amazing herbs in the world? That it has majority of the vitamins, plus Omega 3 and 6 + it’s one of those herbs that’s been used since thousands of years by various civilizations?

We have so many answers lying around to health related questions that my belief is that if we want to get rid of the various illnesses, we need to go back to nature and look for alternatives as they were intended, and not just go for regular medicine that in itself brings about 50+ side affects, just look at Paracetamol.

What am I mentioning Blackseed?

I have been selling it via our online store at Tahoor, plus the kind of amazing stories I hear from people put a stamp on the views presented in various scriptures and hadeeth (sayings of the Prophet pbuh) in which he says, “Blackseed has the cure for everything, apart from death”

Muslims, especially take it very seriously, but I have noticed that those that follow other beliefs, have been saying the same thing “My health is better.. ” and so on.

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I take it myself, and haven’t felt better since. Although illnesses and other things do happen, but the kind of nutrients blackseed has, is something I believe in 100% has been boosting my immunity towards things I could have been affected with.

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