Stay away from people that are TOO nice!

What am I saying here? Well, of course we need to talk about this because this just can’t be true now, right? Well what I am trying to say is something that needs to be explained a bit more than just skimming through the title and the first few lines.

You know we come across different types of people in our life, and majority of the people we meet I would suppose, are nice individuals. But we also come across people that are NOT too nice (in reality), they have other agendas when they meet you and you might not be able to detect them due to your “niceness”. Either they are in it for financial gains, or other gains that might benefit them. Although you have nothing against it that someone benefits from you, but human nature functions in such a way that you don’t like being used in any way and want to have a connection with people with the same values, and people that have certain dreams that don’t clash with the way your mind works.

I come across different people in my line of work as an entrepreneur. I sell and buy products from different people and during the whole process I am either delighted to have met amazing people, or let down badly by they way people deal with each other in business.

Why would you stay away from TOO nice people? They are NICE so that’s not a good thing to say right?

Well, wrong. In my view, and experience, niceness is something that can be faked, and it can be a cover on the face of the person you just meet for a few minutes. What you need to look for in a person is values, and honesty. Yes, nice people can have those too, but i am not referring to the niceness of the heart, I am trying to make you focus on the NICENESS that those people show in front of you when dealing with you.

I recall an individual I had done some business with that was just TOO NICE. He was always kind when I met him, or that’s what I thought but in reality this individual behind my back, used to say negative things about my business and products, despite the fact that he had no reason to do so, apart from the fact that this probably made him feel that he could sell more of his products.

Well one day I get more info about this person that he has tricked dozens of other people in Norway, and majority of them were people I have had very good business relations with. I felt quite bad considering the fact that I always did good to that person and they never ever experienced a situation from my end that would make them feel bad about anything. So this was an eye-opener, and since that day till now, I have stopped going for face value and instead I weigh people in the same scale as everyone else. This means, that where I still expect goodness from a person based on they way they portray themselves, I expect nothing. I don’t just wait for them to do something silly and degrading, I just don’t expect them to act a certain way. BUT when that’s said, if I feel they are going to let me down due to the fact that they don’t fulfill their promises, don’t pay on time, don’t meet on time when agreed upon, and other things they say about other individuals, that’s it – I stop doing business with those people and I never look back.

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