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Quitting your job to become an entrepreneur?

Quitting your job to become an entrepreneur?

No, ofcourse you don’t. You can work in your nine to five job and still be an entrepreneur. I remember working in my nine to five and during my breaks used to order grocery items for distribution to over 15 different stores in Norway. Got myself my own branded honey and had it placed in various shops in Oslo. So yes, you can be an entrepreneur without quitting your day job.

Actually one has to really look at the whole picture and then decide when it’s the right time to jump off the regular nine to five job or stay. I know lots of people who start off too soon and end up bankrupt and I also have come to know people who started their business and have never looked back and never regretted their decision.

The types of entrepreneurs

  • One who invests in other businesses – Invest money or your skills in a thriving business that needs to stand on its feet. This way you will get the taste of being an entrepreneur while getting the amazing feeling of helping someone else set up their business. In certain cases you can will also learn a lot more about the niche you invested in to decide if it’s something for you in the long run.
  • One who sets up his own business – Have a clear understanding of the niche or segment you are thinking of getting into. If you don’t have enough experience then find someone who does and learn from them. Work with them part-time to see the ins and outs of the business and then see if it’s something for you. Most things look amazing on the surface but the work behind them can put you off within days. So make sure you LOVE what you are getting into, rather than doing it because others are into it.Make sure that you have good people to work with. With this I mean, either find friends who you trust with your life or family who can back you up when the time comes. Doing things alone is one thing, but doing things while knowing you have people around you who can catch you when you fall is a nice feeling to have. BUT when that’s said, don’t forget that an entrepreneur actually doesn’t get afraid of doing what they do if they don’t have a parachute because they are so much into their idea that they want to succeed no matter what.

No matter if you want to start off investing in some other business with money, skills or want to start your own business. You have to be sketch out a plan of what you need to do to achieve your dream. I talk to lots of amazing people who have great ideas, and some that have ideas that don’t make sense at all or might not be ideas that can result in services or products that can make money.

Remember, that when you start off a business, you need the right reason in your mind to do so. You can not launch a business just because you want to be known as the CEO of so and so company. Deep inside you will know if you are CEO material or you just want a visiting card with the title on it.

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Ask yourself one question “Do I really have what it takes to do what I want to do?” If you know and strongly believe that you have what it takes to make it big, go ahead. Consult only people who have been there and done that, rather than those that have never ever thought of leaving their comfortable job that pays them a few thousand bucks a year.

Believe in yourself 🙂

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