New year and the way people celebrated it this time


I posted a query on a Facebook page frequented by Pro-Palestinians, where they express concerns about the situation in Palestine. My question was: “How was your New Year’s atmosphere, and did it differ from previous years?“ Many responded, sharing their perspectives. It emerged that nearly all group members experienced a distinct New Year’s celebration. The common...

Decades of genocide and it’s still not enough!


It’s been almost three months since the October 7th operation, and Israel tried to turn everything around with their false propaganda, as they always do. The whole story of the 40 beheaded babies and the so-called raped women they claimed were horrific actions by Hamas. Even after a few days, the stories were debunked, and no one with a sane mind would believe them. The propaganda was as...

When you know that you are not doing enough!


After watching this picture and many others like this, I was thinking.. what has happened to us. How can we as human beings, or as fathers, see this and not do something more than just going out and shouting in front of the Isreali embassy. This is not an issue that Israel is thinking of resolving. This requires something more than just shouting and screaming now.   Just imagine…. if...

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