How valuable are you?


The sense of selfworth is something that comes into the mind of a person who knows the true value of being blessed with a good health. There is absolutely nothing more valuable that can make you realize your value than seeing people around you who haven’t gotten the things you are blessed with. If we value ourselves by the number of 000’s after that digit in our bank account, then we...

There is lots to life than money


Often coming across people for whom money is everything makes me sad.I wonder if they realize how important other things they are blessed with are. Health being one of them, and family being the other. Sadly lots of people look away from such blessings and only wonder about making more and more money to be better and richer than the one next to them. Does anyone think for a second that it’s...

You can never get enough


You can never get enough of what you don’t really need. —Eric Hoffer This quote sums up lots of the issues that we human beings suffer from. How many of us really need a house with so many rooms that no one uses? How many people do we see who buy car after a car just because they have the money for it, not the need? How many of us want the luxuries just so others can envy us? Sadly no one has the...

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