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How valuable are you?

How valuable are you?

The sense of selfworth is something that comes into the mind of a person who knows the true value of being blessed with a good health. There is absolutely nothing more valuable that can make you realize your value than seeing people around you who haven’t gotten the things you are blessed with.

If we value ourselves by the number of 000’s after that digit in our bank account, then we are really underestimating ourself. If we are placing a value on our “head” due to our amazing car or branded clothes, then that would be quite unfair. Because lots of people in this world who have nothing, have everything we wish we had.

Having money and not having peace makes money worthless. Having a kingsize bed and not having a good sleep, makes the kingsize bed worthless compared to someone who probably has the best stressfree sleep in his little mudhut somewhere they don’t even have electricity or water anywhere near.

Your value is based on the number of smiles you place on the faces of those around you. Your value is based on the smiles that appear on your face everytime you are around those you love and care for. You are priceless, and there is no one who can tell you what your worth is.

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But if you really want to know… then list every single organ on your body and within, and ask yourself how much money would you pay if you lost even one of them. What about your eyesight? If you go blind as this minute passes.. would you not wish to spend every single penny you have and beyond? What if you go deaf or mute.. wouldn’t you spend all the millions and billions you have, or take loan after loan to be healthy again?

And now place your hand on your eyes and other parts of your body and imagine you didn’t have them… but then again, you can’t imagine that. Because that’s human nature… we never realize our worth, we never realize how valuable we are.

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