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Being jealous for the right reasons

Being jealous for the right reasons

jealousyThe human nature has within itself something that bogs us down and makes us totally unaware of why we are not moving forward. That very nature is also something that makes us into a very negative person and makes us totally oblivious to the things we are blessed with. That very nature as the subject hints is, jealousy.

There has never come out anything good in being jealous of someone else. Wanting to have the same amount of cash in your account as the millionaire you saw on tv, or having a big house like your neighbour are things that will make you lose focus on how you can achieve these things yourself.

I realized one thing seeing different people talking about someone rich, that they tend to overlook the morals and the character of that person and just focus on their money. This is indeed a very serious matter, because we are fully aware that not all rich people have the best set of morals or values that we should look upto. Yes, there are lots of generous billionaires but then again just wasting time looking at how high someone else has reached in the ladder of success, we often forget that our own foot is still on the first step.

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Next time you see someone who is more successful than you, be happy for them, and be thankful for what you have. Because no matter how your life has turned out to be, most of the things are an outcome of our own actions and efforts. Start focusing on your own strengths, and start interacting with positive people who are successful, and when I say successful I am not referring to them as rich in terms of money, but those who are rich when it comes to manners and a good character. Because those are the things not everyone can manage to earn, but when you have those qualities, you will never go bankrupt.

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