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Your fear of losing will not allow you to take risks

There are certain times when it’s ok to have doubts about a certain situation or an idea that you are having. But when such doubts keep repeating themselves, you will fall into a trap which will only make you fearful of absolutely everything and anything that come across your path. Let’s say you are about to make a business deal with someone, but you are scared that they will con you...

5 Tips to a great first impression

No matter what we say or do the thing about first impression has been a thing that will never leave us alone. So why not talk about that? Since everyone is affected by it and the first impression tag “tags” along with the person for a long long time, let’s see if we can see as to how one can present a better first impression. Be friendly : This works wonders. Meet and greet the...

3 things to keep in mind when starting a business

There are as many tips as there are people in this world when it comes to the ideas around starting a new business. Here are just my tips from the experience I have gathered from the past decade of launching products and working in different niches all together. Tip nr 1 : Know that you have a market This is the most important bit in my view. Just because your mum thinks your idea rocks...

How do I price my products / service?

This is that one thing that I used a lot of time on and I am sure everyone who has a service or a product goes through the tough moments of pricing. What to price and what not to price. How will the customer feel if they see the rate on this certain product, and so on. It’s not an easy thing, and it shouldn’t be easy either. Shall one go 100% up in profit? It depends on the type of...

Have your clients love you

There are lots of things you can do to get your customers or clients to love buying your services or products. One way to make this “relationship” work is to give a service that’s way beyond their expectations. For example, show them that you respect them because they chose your business over someone else’s, and that you will do everything possible to keep giving them the...

Taking a loan for your business

The most popular approach to doing business is that you would talk to your bank and they would give you a fat cheque with an amount that will make you rich. But does that help? Well, you might make it, and you might fail. And in the case of failure, you need to remember that the bank is not your friend. They don’t care if you succeed or not. The only thing they want back is their money, and...

Three tips to a successful product

In the past few years i have been working as the Project and Product Manager of several major portals, or products in other words. I launched a major lookalike site which was later sold to a high profile ISP and then I built onto an online radio, CrazeFm, which within three years won the best and most popular radio award. The ups and downs have taught me as to how to take a product and work on it...

3 tips on having a successful meeting

In the hectic world we are living in, we have to really put our foot down and make sure that the time we are using on a baseless meeting could probably be used to do some work. If one has one hour fixed for a daily meeting, that’s 5 hours a week, 22 hours a month, which is 264 hours a year!! A perfect status meeting should be around 1-2 minutes of talk time for each attendee, everything...

Wakas Mir Life, one post at a time!

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