Who pushes your buttons?


There have been various times in the past when people have managed to push my buttons. But I guess that’s how the phase of learning usually is. Life teaches us how to deal with things and peope. Situations can make us either stronger or break us if we don’t have the right people around us. If I talk about myself as I don’t know that much about you :P. I would say that no one can...

What we say matters – The book


I have read lots of books. And still do. I am more into self development books since they teach us a lot in one way or the other. After every book is finished you can feel totally energized and a different person with a bit more positive approach towards things that you read about. I read a book called “What we say matters” and loved it to the max. It’s definitely worth it. I...

Why do people fail?


People usually fail because they are on a path which leads to totally unrealistic goals. You can just not reach the sky if you are going to use a few air baloons tied to your hands like the cartoon, UP. It doesn't work that way. To succeed one has to go through a tough process of learning and making mistakes. The way I have seen people climb the ladder is sometimes by taking shortcuts. Well...

How to make a kind request


I have often come across situations where someone might not have done something as requested. But then again looking at the whole situation I have also come to terms with the fact that maybe the “demand” I had was something I thought of as request. Making a request to someone to do something for us is just like giving them a choice to either say yes or a no. But if one does it KNOWING...

Forgiving because you have to..


Lots of times we look around us and find people who have entered our lives in one way or the other. Sometimes our family members do things that we feel are beyond any boundry imaginable. But what innocent way of thinking is the fact that we expect God to forgive us when we do so many bad things but find it very tough to forgive to other humanbeings. Family members don’t talk to one another...

Money and its importance


When money becomes the first priority in our life we forget everything. I have seen people who spend day and night working for their kids future but at the end of the day after a few years down the line when the kid tells them to “shut up and get out of my life” then they realize that the time they spent earning money maybe they should have spent in earning their love and respect...

Why be positive?


There are lots of reasons why one has to be positive no matter what. Here are few of them:- People like positive people.. no one likes a sourface :D People would love to be like you.. what better way to live this life than be an example :) You yourself will love your innerself because positivity is what makes the world go around Because being negative drains you of all energy that could have been...

How often do you say “I am sorry?”


I was just reading through the book I bought today and it was absolutely amazing. The first thing Rich Devos, the author, explained was the power of saying “I am sorry” and how often he says it to his family and friends. He explained that the power of sorry is way beyond our imagination. If we keep a grudge or someone else for that matter and we go to them and say sorry , ofcourse...

How dressing well enough matters


When it comes to dressing yourself well enough lots of people don’t really think too much about it. I myself sometimes do go outside in a regular shirt and jeans and that’s it. Nothing fancy. But when you think about it, dressing yourself atleast good enough “for yourself” really makes an impact on your own self confidence. First make yourself look good for yourself, and...

Fear of public speaking


I was like that a few years back. Or actually I must say when I was in 5th grade I was very very very shy. But then things changed. I started looking at myself as someone who knew what he was saying and doing. It started with the boost I got from winning the “Artist of the year” and when I got the award for “Highest achievement in maths”. The confidence and the push I got...

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From managing an award winning online radio station with thousands of hours on-air, being a product manager for various companies to launching my own brand called Tahoor with multiple successful products, I will be sharing with you my thoughts and ideas about life, positivity, productivity, self-esteem and happiness.

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