Who pushes your buttons?

There have been various times in the past when people have managed to push my buttons. But I guess that’s how the phase of learning usually is. Life teaches us how to deal with things and peope. Situations can make us either stronger or break us if we don’t have the right people around us.

If I talk about myself as I don’t know that much about you :P. I would say that no one can EVER push your buttons if you don’t let them. Hide them, disable them and change your machinery because life is too short to be played with.

I am very caring and care a lot when I get into the process of doing things at home or for my family members. If sometimes I feel that things aren’t appreciated I don’t sit and cry about it, I just thank God for being that way and no that doesn’t fit in the “they are pushing my buttons” , that’s how it should be. You are what you are.

But who pushes YOUR buttons?

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