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How often do you say “I am sorry?”

How often do you say “I am sorry?”

I was just reading through the book I bought today and it was absolutely amazing. The first thing Rich Devos, the author, explained was the power of saying “I am sorry” and how often he says it to his family and friends. He explained that the power of sorry is way beyond our imagination. If we keep a grudge or someone else for that matter and we go to them and say sorry , ofcourse making sure we MEAN it as well the grudge usually fades away depending on the situation. But the one who actually rises up in “height” is the one saying “I am sorry”

And so true is that, I mean how many times do we do something wrong and don’t say “I am sorry” to a friend or family member. I for one will start saying “i am sorry” to my family members from this very moment and see how things work out then. Since after reading the first bit of the book I realized that the power of “I am sorry” is just way too much which can fix almost everything in matter of milliseconds.

There are two types of sorries. One is when you are sorry for something you did wrong, and the other is when you say things like “I am sorry you lost the match” etc etc. First one is where you were the reason for their hurt, and the second one is when you are actually feeling “sympathy” for them and kind of giving them the “shoulder”

It’s also one of the most difficult words to say, isn’t it 🙂

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How often do YOU say “I am sorry” to your family members or friends?

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