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How dressing well enough matters

How dressing well enough matters

When it comes to dressing yourself well enough lots of people don’t really think too much about it. I myself sometimes do go outside in a regular shirt and jeans and that’s it. Nothing fancy. But when you think about it, dressing yourself atleast good enough “for yourself” really makes an impact on your own self confidence.

First make yourself look good for yourself, and others will have the same thought about you. Most people say “I don’t care about the world”.. well don’t care about it in that sense, but don’t look like a junkie either since the image that you portray to others is what they “know you for”. You can be the most amazing person in the world, but it won’t help in getting you any friends if no one would want to hang out with you or let alone sit with you.

So next time you dress .. look presentable 🙂 Since your outer image DOES affect your inner image and vice verca.

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Do you feel dressing well enough really is that important for your self-image?

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