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Giving up is a choice!

I was having a conversation with someone few days ago about giving up. He said that when a person gives up, it’s because they have tried everything and that’s the reason they have this kind of an attitude of someone who wouldn’t wish to push the limits further. I disagree to the extent that I feel, one can’t and shouldn’t give up when it’s something that other people have also achieved. For example, if a person says “I can’t reach the top of Mount Everest” then that would be a statement that holds absolutely no strength, because there have been numerous people just like you and I, who have reached the top of Mount Everest, on the other hand referring to a very common thing we go through in our lives is applying for new jobs. Lots of people give up when they can’t get the job they applied for. Remember, you won’t get the job you are looking for if you don’t apply for the one you are most suitable for, simple as that. So if you are good in designs, applying for a job that requires a guy who is good with light bulbs won’t do the trick. And when you finally get in for the interview, NEVER EVER LIE! Yes, It’s in CAPS, because I feel that when you lie to get a job, you won’t...

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No work is bad..

Lots of people have this level of “ego” that doesn’t let them work at a place which other’s would see as “low” according to their experience or education. After working in London for a leading company when I came back to Norway, I didn’t get a job for a bit and in the mean time instead of doing what a few others do.. which is lie on the corner, I worked at a warehouse moving boxes here n there with a small machine, then worked at a 7-eleven store. Been asked a few times at that point that since you had your own glass office in London how do you feel working here now, I used to laugh and say “I am loving it..” After that I got a web designer position :) So obviously nothing is bad.. if it puts food on your table, it’s the best thing you can ever do.. actually doing NOTHING is what I consider bad.. What about you? Where have you worked which others might see as “ohh man how could you work...

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