No work is bad..


Lots of people have this level of “ego” that doesn’t let them work at a place which other’s would see as “low”
according to their experience or education. After working in London for a leading company when I came back to Norway, I didn’t get a job for a bit and in the mean time instead of doing what a few others do.. which is lie on the corner, I worked at a warehouse moving boxes here n there with a small machine, then worked at a 7-eleven store. Been asked a few times at that point that since you had your own glass office in London how do you feel working here now, I used to laugh and say “I am loving it..”

After that I got a web designer position 🙂 So obviously nothing is bad.. if it puts food on your table, it’s the best thing you can ever do.. actually doing NOTHING is what I consider bad..

What about you? Where have you worked which others might see as “ohh man how could you work there…”

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