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How planning your day helps!

How planning your day helps!

There might be lots of times in your life when you wondered why things aren’t going your way and why someone else is more successful than you.. right?

Well there are a few points you have to keep in mind when thinking in that pattern. Quite simple, are you someone who follows a plan or are you someone who just goes with the flow doing things as they come?

  • Do you check email atleast 10 or more times a day?
  • Do you plan to work on one part of your site or blog, but don’t stick to it?
  • Do you forget your meetings?
  • Do you spend way too much time chatting?

They say – A idiot with a plan will beat a genius without a plan –

How can you get on the track?

  • Note down your daily routine
  • Follow your daily routine to the dot!
  • Only do things that are productive (means less chatting)
  • Write down what you are to do tomorrow, next week, next month
  • Define your goals.

And remember that there is a far better chance you will do something if you write it down than if you don’t. Whenever you talk to someone and they say “Sorry can’t meet you tomorrow, my schedule is full”.. don’t feel bad at that point, just appreciate that someone is trying to manage their life.

There is no point in crying that you failed in something when you didn’t even plan to win 🙂 So sit down and get over that habit of not planning your days.. you will thank yourself you did.

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