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Your customers can see right through you

I have been into sales since over two decades now. And what I find the most easiest task when I am facing a buyer on the other side is to make them feel at ease when they are making a purchase. My main aim is to give the buyer as many reasons to buy from…

Managing business during Corona

Just two weeks ago, the whole world changed when WHO marked the Corona as an epidemic which later on resulted in lots of countries shutting everything down to stop the spread of the virus. Businesses have been shut, most have gone bankrupt right in front of our eyes and there is nothing anyone can do….

Can you sell almost anything to anyone?

In the current time and age, we are bombarded with a gazillion ads from all angles. Everyone is trying to get our attention, and that’s what makes it even harder to sell your products and services. What makes a person buy from you? I feel it’s the trust factor and that the product or service…

What type of business has money in it?

That would probably be a very difficult question to answer since everyone that would look at this question might have their own answer based on their interests, likes, dislikes, fears, and experiences. But when it comes to what I have seen bringing in the money, it has to be digital products, distribution of products to…

7 signs that you should quit your job

Having a job is essential. It provides bread and butter on the table, and keeps things going. But the reality is that the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes you can be in a job that you don’t like at all. Obviously one should realize that having a job in itself is a blessing, and not everyone has a place…

3 things to keep in mind when starting a business

There are as many tips as there are people in this world when it comes to the ideas around starting a new business. Here are just my tips from the experience I have gathered from the past decade of launching products and working in different niches all together. Tip nr 1 : Know that you…

Can someone else make or break your business?

I have realized one thing in the past few decades of doing online and offline business. It all boils down to the minor changes you make that will affect the rest of your career. So in a way you can definitely take big part in changing and shaping your career, depending on the choices you…

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