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Don’t go with the flow

Don’t go with the flow

Someone once said that only dead fish go with the flow, and boy what an amazing piece of advice that is. If we look around us, we often hear people saying that you just can’t be different because it’s not ok to be the odd one out. What will everyone else think or say?

Yes, I agree that sometimes it seems awkward and scary to try a different approach to reach a specific goal. Obviously the way someone else did something might have suited their needs but that doesn’t mean that you should follow the same path! Remember that each situation is different, and we are all built a certain way.

So what to do if I can’t do how other’s did a certain thing?

To realize your potential and break the comfort zone barrier, you just have to jump off that cliff of fear, and that’s only happening if you are not scared of heights. If you are afraid of heights, believe me, you will never reach the top. And just keep in mind that reaching the top doesn’t mean that you jump on the heads of others and leave them behind. Of course leaving behind negative people and those that drag along without doing anything to progress is a good thing. I am referring to people who played a vital role in your progress, never forget them!

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When trying to compare yourself with someone else, remember one thing that you are not them, and they are not you. Don’t underestimate yourself by following the same path as someone else and instead make your own path. Do something crazy with your idea and concept as if it ain’t different, it ain’t worth it.

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