How to be more unique?

We are often faced with people who remind us of others. Based on their looks, their character, way of talking, walking or anything for that matter.

But how many people do we meet and say “wow, this person is amazing, never met anyone like him/her before”?

Sadly, we don’t see this that much as we would like to. Reason is quite obvious. In the world we are living in, where media has taken over almost everything from A to Z we are bound to see “copies” of those famous people we often see jumping up and down on tv or movies.

There is hardly any more of the “uniqueness” that’s left, people don’t like going against the flow, and making themselves shine through for the fear of being rejected.

I personally have a strong mindset about being myself, yes I do like to take inspiration from other positive people and historical figures, but I want to be “ME”, because after all as Oscar Wilde once said ”

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Tips to be unique:-

  • Don’t focus too much on what the media wants you to wear or do
  • Make up your OWN mind when it comes to creating an image for yourself
  • Just because you act or have different clothing than others doesn’t mean you are wierd, it means you are special

In the world we are living in, it’s a very not so normal sight to see people smiling, so whatever you do, whichever route you take, don’t lose that smile 🙂

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