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3 habits for a happier work life

3 habits for a happier work life

If you are someone who is so much into your work that you sometimes feel like a robot? Well even if you don’t think like that, our routine sometimes makes us like that… like tiny ants doing our routine work.

Here are three tips to a more happier you:-

1- Get rid of negative people

Stop talking to people who only talk about the worst that can happen and start associating with people who will only bring out the best in you. There are only a few number of hours a day, make the best of them and get rid of negative talk!


2- Don’t find excuses

If something goes wrong and you know that you gave your best, then live with it and try once again. Maybe you just need to try a different approach. But one thing you should stop doing, and that’s to quit the habit of finding excuses and blaming others. Everything you do, and will do is affected by your desire and intention. Do you best and live with it.

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3- Stop working overtime

Unless you have a few hundred people to feed, stop working overtime. If you can’t manage to live on your current salary, then start your own business. It’s scientifically proven that overtime causes stress and anxiety. And of course to live a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need either of them.

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