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Do you hate your job?

Do you hate your job?

This is what most of the people say when they are starting their conversation after a sigh, which sounds like as if someone has taken all the air out of their lungs.


Remember that you are living in a world where billions of people die just because they can’t manage to get clean water, let alone a few grains of food. You might be one of those lucky people who can afford internet, might be sitting on a chair, under a roof which doesn’t leak when it rains. You have absolutely a billion reasons to be happy about. But yes, does that solve your “i hate my job” thing? Maybe not, or maybe it does, it’s just the way you look at it.


Here are a few things to “love” your job:-


  • Apply for something else, something that you “love” doing
  • Do more at work, because most of the times one hates a job because one has nothing to do
  • At a time where finance crisis might hit again, be thankful for what you have and hang in there
  • If you are in a job you hate, and been there for a few years with same mindset, I would never want you working for me, but ask yourself would you hire yourself?
  • Do some courses, go on seminars to learn more about your field. The only person who’s stopping you from learning, is you.


If the above few tips don’t help. Then visit the local unemployment center where you live, and see how people struggle to get even a few hours job to manage their day.


I don’t recall a single job I hated, i liked them all in one way or the other. Because it was either that or being unemployed. So the choice is yours. If you want to move up the ladder, give your best and as far as I remember when I used to work as a sales agent at a tiny shop in Norway when employers didn’t see the potential in me, I kept applying until a few did. And I have never looked back.


I do recall and thank God for the moments I have managed to go through, but one thing is for sure… I love all my jobs, because they put bread and butter on my table. *


* Norway is going through a butter-crisis these days, so maybe this line won’t fit 🙂

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