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To succeed, you must fail!

To succeed, you must fail!

Maybe that was just too direct. Let me say it differently. In order to succeed you would most probably need to fail on the way. It’s absolutely close to impossible to start something and end up succeeding with flying colors. Unless you are superman.

Every idea and business demands time and effort, and your passion is like the cherry on the cake. Your job is to do your best, and if you still don’t get the success you thought you would. All you need to do is pat yourself on the back because you have just gained what no money can ever buy, and that my friend is called experience!

Experiencing failure in a business teaches you to not repeat the same mistakes again, you would carefully try a different path and chances are you might fail again, to try yet another way of doing things. No matter how you look at it all, I personally feel that the success I have in various segments within my ventures is due to the lessons I have learnt by making some mistakes on the way. And most of the mistakes have been blessings in disguise, showing me how NOT to do something.

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So, next time you experience a setback, don’t lose your mind. Learn from it, and continue walking.

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