Do you give up easily?


Today I wanted to talk about Giving up. Of course in no way am I trying to promote this action but talking about how you can be in a state of mind that makes you never want to give up.

There are numerous ways you can deal with the tough battles you have to fight in life. One is to just look around you and see people who are already in the toughest times of their life and the other way to look at it is to look within you and find the powerful being that God has created.

I guess if you can’t find real life examples then the best way is to search within yourself. Because there is nothing more powerful than the will that you carry within you.

Nothing is impossible ofcourse and nothing should be either. You won’t get from point A to B if you don’t take the required steps ahead. There is nothing that will come flying towards you unless you really want to do it.

Lots of people I have come across who manage to lose their jobs tend to just sleep all day long and wonder why they aren’t being contacted by someone for a role. That’s the same thing when we talk about anything in life.

You can NOT get happiness if you don’t go look for it in little things around you. You can NOT get the things in life that someone else might have by being jealous and not trying yourself, or can you?

To get anything in life you just have to try. And remember don’t take failure to heart, as that doesn’t mean it’s the end of things, because failure in anything is the sign that “Buddy, try harder you are getting there”

So try to reach within yourself and dig out the strongest person you know, YOU!

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