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Why some bloggers fail..

Why some bloggers fail..

There are lots of people who just get into the whole world of blogging just for the fun of it and later on realize the money they can earn from it. But the thing is that if you are only in it for the money you will definitely be a little bit disappointed. Because the fact of the matter is that if you do not burn for something you might burn out your own mind when you don’t see your cheques coming in from your affiliate programs that you have beautified the whole blog with.

You will really need lots of patience when it comes to expecting some money from your blog. The main thing that most new bloggers do is that they scatter their complete blog with affiliate programs from all over the net or probably just replicating what the top bloggers are doing.

What most of them forget is that no matter how hard they try it will take lots of time before their credibility as a honest straightforward blogger will be established.

For example, I myself am a radio host on one of the largest Asian station. I have worked as a host since the past decade, and If i am going to suggest something in one of my shows to others who want to get into the radio business chances are quite high that those that want to follow my footsteps will purchase what i suggest. So you get the point.

So going back to the topic. If you are in it for the fun of blogging you will slowly but very patiently enjoy the benefits of a steady income, if you can provide quality content that someone can benefit from. There are various ways you can manage that ofcourse.

Here are some things to check in order to see why you are not successful.

  • You do not know your topic very well
  • You are ONLY in it for the money. Remember that will show right through your post
  • You are just blogging for the fun of it
  • You are not a regular blogger, this would mean that you blog whenever you feel like it.
  • You are very impatient and can not wait for things to happen. Therefore you just create blogs and then give up

What about you? Do you have any points you wish to add… please do so. If you are like me, who enjoys blogging and want to do it right. Then check out this wonderful program by Yaro –

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